Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have to already be a coach to join the QSCA?


I already am a coach. Can this program help me learn something new?


What if I don’t have any clients right now? How can I get certified and start coaching?


What if I’m not living the life I want to be living? How can I coach somebody else?


Is this course in alignment with the ICF?


Is this an ICF accredited program?


Where did you receive your coaching and training?


How is the QSCA delivered?


It can be expensive calling into a phone line, what are other options for taking the course?


What if I’m not a technical person and this course is online? Can I join?


What is the weekly time commitment?


What happens after I’m certified? What do I do then?


How much support comes with the QSCA?


How many students are in each class?


Is there interaction with the instructors during classes?


If I enroll in the evening class have things come up at night, can I take the morning class? And vice versa?


What if something comes up and I need a break from the class? Can I join a different class or module?


What if I need to go on a vacation or take time off during the course?


If I enroll, will you send me different clients if I live in a different country?


You mention “Light Body” as a module, what’s that?


Do we just learn about law of attraction during this course?


How much does the QSCA cost compared to other programs?


If I choose to pay in installments when do the payments come out of my account?


How does someone actually attract clients?


What is the difference between your coaching program and others out there?


What are the key factors in choosing a certification program?


What does it mean to be a life coach and why is becoming a coach a good option for you?


When joining the QSCA are there any other expenses or things we need to purchase?


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For questions email my assistant, Beth at